RE: [suse-axp] Compaq Compilers on SuSE Linux

Subject: RE: [suse-axp] Compaq Compilers on SuSE Linux
From: Lennart Börjeson (
Date: Mon Oct 18 1999 - 06:24:50 PDT

Well, I checked just now, and there's still the same versions that were
there a month ago.

Eagerly waiting...


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Subject: [suse-axp] Compaq Compilers on SuSE Linux

I am sending you all this as a "heads up" regarding the conversations that
were going around last week regarding the Compaq compiler tools for SuSE

The public beta kit at ( )
will be updated today (10/15) with a version that works on SuSE 6.1
and avoids the compile-time arithmetic segfaults on Red Hat 6.0.
It should also be easier to install on other distributions like
Debian for those willing to take the rpm apart, and might possibly
just install as-is on TurboLinux.

As far as our testing has shown, it's not necessary to rebuild
libc (bound to be unpopular), we've just linked the compiler
itself statically. If we use that solution long-term, glibc
LGPL licensing means we'll have to provide a way for users
to get the object modules for the compiler so they can
re-link it with modified glibc if they wish. I wouldn't
spread that around just yet, though, as it hasn't been


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