[suse-axp] S.u.S.E and Jensen - things that go boink in the night

Subject: [suse-axp] S.u.S.E and Jensen - things that go boink in the night
From: Sebastian Moeller (moeller.s@lur.rwth-aachen.de)
Date: Sun Oct 10 1999 - 17:05:12 PDT

Hi folks!

It is me and my old jensenb again. I just want to ask, whether I am the
only one to see semi-random X lock-ups?
Every now and than X locks up and nothing seems to work. Actually magic
sys-req still works (although i stated otherwise in an earlier posting.
I guess it helps to compile in the features one like to use... Anyway
the only way out is by sync'ing all disk, remount them read-only and
reboot the system. This is by now means the way I intend to end my
A thing that did not change is the logging of the lock-up; there still
is none I can detect (might be my incompetence though).
BUT, I found out I can provoke those semi-crashes by using the
kde-font-gadget (forgot the real name, sorry) to show the font lucida
typewriter for example. (I am puzzled as it seems not to crash when
showing other post-script fonts like the tex fonts (yes I like lyx to
look like the real thing ;)).
Any clues, anyone?

Oh, by the way Ruediger I still would be delighted if I could test your
fat_and_bsd enabled yast.
I do not see to much sense in investing money in a distribution when I
have to fix things like the distributions installer my self. And it is
no issue, the the jensen is not part of the supported hardware, as you
stated that this was a known yast-bug... Sorry for being harsh here, but
I would like to use yast to maintain the system, at least for trivial
Apologies for any harm done to the english language...

        Sebastian Möller

P.S.: Back in rant-mode:
        Could you please use this list to advertise information relevant to
suse axp customers, like the estimated time of arrival of the already
payed-for next release. I visit your home-page only occasionally to
check for a fixed-yast... Oh one more thing to wine about, your axp
product page could clearly be beautified by a link to the axp updates
directory of your ftp server (following download updates, patches,
bugfixes seems to point to intel 32 bit land).
As you are taking money for it you are asking for trouble aren't you...
And yes I have used suse intel since 4.x.x and I was quite happy, but
this axp thing makes me shudder.

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