PCI S3 video card in UDB

Robin Stephenson (robin.stephenson@blackwell.co.uk)
08 Mar 1999 12:44:18 +0000

I got hold of a superannuated S3 video card, and thought I'd give it a
bash in my UDB (8 bit colour is beginning to get to me...). After
something of a struggle getting it into the box (a rather tight fit) I
turned on... and the machine didn't boot all the way up. It hangs on
the black SRM-style screen, saying `loading ARC firmware' (or
something similar, don't have it written down), and gets no further.
Removing the card fixes the problem, so I haven't disconnected
anything or otherwise screwed the box up. There are no jumpers or
anything on the graphics card, so it doesn't seem to be configurable
in any way.

Does anyone have any idea, just off the top of their head, how I could
fix this? Failing that, anyone know of a good video card (preferably
a nice short one) going cheap in the UK? Millenium IIs are OK,
apparently, does anyone know where I could pick one up?

 Robin Stephenson
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