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On 6 Mar 1999, Steve Dunham wrote:

>Steve McIntyre <> writes:
>> On Sat, 6 Mar 1999, Steve Dunham wrote:
>> >Steve McIntyre <> writes:
>> >> So, where are we up to for sparc/alpha. The m68k stuff is sorted now, as
>> >> is the i386. Where have we got to on fixing the last few dependencies?
>> >> I've added "exclude" support to slink_cd as a last-miute hack to allow us
>> >> to simply lose any final problem packages, I'll be sending this out
>> >later.
>> >> I'm going to be building the m68k, i386 and source CD images overnight on
>> >> ready for people to test them...
>> >How exactly does "exclude" work? Does it rebuild all of the Packages
>> >files or just the master ones for the CD?
>> Just the ones for the CD. It works as a modifier in the genlist stage -
>> where it used to check for which of the first 2 CDs a main package should
>> go on, there's now a third option EXCLUDED where the package will simply
>> be ignored. The syntax is simple - exclude-$ARCH should list package
>> names.
>Ok. When does the CD need to be ready? There is one last binary
>sparc package in incoming, to sync up with the versions in other
>architectures. I can manually merge it into my local archive and
>generate the CDs now, or I can wait until dinstall and generate the
>CDs late tonight (circa 1800 EST).

It's probably better to wait...

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