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XF86_S3 server for Jensen Boards

Subject: XF86_S3 server for Jensen Boards
From: Carsten Jacobi (
Date: Sun Mar 26 05:43:24 2000

Hi there! I am also one of the users with one of those antique Jensen
boards which cause a lot of confusion all the time. I must first send out
compliments to everybody who contributed to the solid implementation of
the "Jensen_" methods in the glibc and the XFree86 source tree which
eventually make a clean operation of this architecture possible. Though
the Xserver source is well prepared to run on Jensen boards (as mentioned
all methods needed are present) the S3-Server that comes with the RedHat
rpm is compiled with the assembly option "-m21164" from the spec-file. It
seams that some pal calls are created this way that are not supported by
21064 chips. Anyway my machine crashes when I try to start the Xserver
that comes with the usual RedHat package from the RawHide distribution
(the method is s3QueryBestSize and the assembly dump just contains callpal
and halt instructions which doesn't really make sense for a code that is
supposed to run correctly).
Can someone compile it once more with the assembly option "-m21064" and
the compile option "-mcpu=ev4"? I did that on a computer of one of my
friends and the XServer works fine with these options. Unfortunately he is
using a ******-Distribution that has the __??register_frame_info* methods
in the common and not in the as it is
the case in the RedHat distribution. Thus I had to compile the Server
statically and now it consumes about 5M space on my harddisc which is
almost full. I so and so prefer a dynamically linked X-Server ...
I would compile the X-Package by myself if I had enough space on my
harddisc to do this. That's why I'm asking somebody else to do it. After
the rpm ran through the rpm could be stripped out as
XFree86-S3-jensen-3.3.6-??.alpha.rpm for example, so that all Jensen users
get their Xserver for RedHat (AFAIK the Winner1000 graphics board is the
only one that runs well on Jensen and that is found on most Jensen
Another hint I can give is using the switch "AutoRepeat 0 0". My XServer
hangs without this option because my keyboard doesn't seam to support the
switching of the keyboard repeat rate (it is an AT keyboard with a PS/2
adapter). I don't know whether this is also necessary for PS/2 keyboards.
Best regards ...

Carsten Jacobi


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