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AS200 using SRM

Subject: AS200 using SRM
From: SouthPaw (
Date: Tue Mar 21 13:07:25 2000

I have a AS200 4/233 with 144MB ram with 2 4GB SCSI HD
and a 40xSCSI CDROM. I wish to use SRM since I want a
dual boot system with Linux / Tru-64 on separate

I used the following command to install Linux from
CDROM: boot dka200 -file kernels/generic.gz -flags

It gave me the standard prompts and installed the
software on /dev/sda. Here are my partitions:

 / 500MB /dev/sda2
 /boot 25MB /dev/sda1
 /swap 192MB /dev/sda5
 /usr 875MB /dev/sda6
 /var 300MB /dev/sda7
 /home 1000MB /dev/sda9

Installation completes but when it reboots I get the
>>> prompt. I tried the command:

boot dka0 -file vmlinux.gz root=/dev/sda1

as well as each partition number but it won't boot.
Whatever help you can provide would be appreciated.

Bruce Embrey

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