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RH 6.1 and Cron?

Subject: RH 6.1 and Cron?
Date: Tue Mar 14 18:56:33 2000

Has anyone had any trouble using user-defined crontabs with RH 6.1? On my
SX164, I can `crontab -e` and /var/log/cron says yes indeed, the new crontab
gets installed, but it never actually gets triggered. No email saying it
failed, nothing.

Scheduling tasks via `at` does work; it appears to be only crontabs that
get ignored. Entries in /etc/crontab (such as the log rotations) also work.

I had a friend test this on Intel, and it does work there, so it seems to
be either an Alpha thing or something I broke (though I don't know what it
could be.)

Can anyone confirm or refute...?

(The crontab entry I am testing is:
* * * * * /bin/echo foo
... which should generate an email every minute.)

Thanks for any info,

Dan Morrill
Computer Scientist, Physicist

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