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Re: Upgrading CPU & Cache on Miata

Subject: Re: Upgrading CPU & Cache on Miata
From: Michael Huntingdon (
Date: Mon Mar 13 09:31:47 2000


I'd be curious to hear more about your source of information and the
authenticity of same. At first glance I'm a bit of a disbeliever, but I've
seen to many of your "dead-on" comments here in the past. If you have time....


At 02:36 PM 3/12/00 -0800, you wrote:
>> but just what does that kit contain? Is it just the cpu? Can you put any
>> ev56 into these things? or is there some special card it's attached to?
>Its both a 'classic->enhanced' MLB upgrade kit and the cpu/cache combo.
>The enhanced DPWS boxes have two USB ports and probably some subtle
>The point thats sticking in my mind is this:
>1. You can buy a "new" DPWS 500a (factory config, 128M ram, 4.3G etc.)
>at auction or on the used market for less than $700, often available
>for close to $500.
>2. You can buy a new XP1000 (500Mhz 21264, 4M cache, 128M ram, etc.)
>from Q starting at $7200.
>3. The price of upgrading the system in point #1 to anywhere near
>the performance (yeah, yeah.. I know 600Mhz 21164A != 500Mhz 21264)
>of the system in point #2 is almost the cost of system #2.
>The small business/hobbyist who picked up an older-gen Miata may as well
>buy a brand new XP1000. Its a smooth marketing strategy which otherwise
>Here's another thought. Guess how much it costs Compaq to put together
>a 500Mhz EV6 with motherboard? $500. Which means the total system cost
>to them (given market alliances etc.) could be had around $1200.
>Throw in a support contract, and you're around $1500.
>The cost to consumer is not twice, not thrice, but at least 5 times
>their build cost. One heck of a profit, but I wonder how long Q
>can keep up that game with folks like API and other ISVs in the
>Dan Frasnelli
>Security analyst
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