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Pc164 MPEG Video decoder

Subject: Pc164 MPEG Video decoder
Date: Tue Mar 7 00:01:50 2000


I've read on the digital site (some weeks now) that the Alpha 21164PC
got mpeg player capacity.

Quote: "include MVI (motion video instructions)"
        "enabling mpeg 2 decode without additional hadware assistance"
        "Host based DVD/Mpeg2 playback"
        "MPEG 1 real time authoring"

So i ask myself a question, Is there an apps that use this capability ?
I do not find any that mention that it use these options.

So do you know such apps for the pc164 (SX, LX ...) for Linux or maybe
there are some with Tru64 ?

If not why not begin to create one ?
I don't find any apps that decode mpeg-video at a correct rate, full
screen with audio.

Thx in advance

Arnaud Selva

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