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Re: Compiler/linker oddness?

Subject: Re: Compiler/linker oddness?
Date: Mon Mar 6 07:14:03 2000

On 2 Mar, To: wrote:
> Hi,


Replying to my own message here. I thought it might be a linker
problem, so I built binutils-, whose linker produces this
(word wrapped for your convenience):


ccc main00.o plot01.o plot02.o palette.o method01.o method02.o sample01.o
sample02.o sample03.o sample04.o startup.o main.o perf.o interactif.o io.o
scalar01.o scalar02.o vector.o mesh01.o mesh02.o mesh03.o trigrid01.o
trigrid02.o trigrid03.o points.o node01.o node02.o ef.o bathy01.o bathy02.o
axes.o polygones.o animation.o extraction01.o extraction02.o make.o
filtre.o coast.o buffer.o SHOM.o continuity.o scan.o geo.o stations.o cefmo.o
script.o analysis03.o analysis01.o analysis02.o analysis04.o functions.o
GridB01.o GridB02.o Criterion.o Export.o Info.o Legend.o ScanInfo.o Model.o
Title.o Image.o xviris.o xvgifwr.o xvtiffwr.o xvgif.o x_main01.o x_main02.o
x_main03.o xmenu_00.o xmenu_01.o xmenu_02.o xmenu_03.o xmenu_04.o xmenu_05.o
xmenu_06.o xmenu_07.o xmenu_08.o xmenu_09.o xmenu_10.o xmenu_11.o xmenu_12.o
xmenu_Z.o x_mouse.o xmenu_13.o xmenu_14.o xmenu_3333.o xvmisc.o xv24to8.o
logo.o ScanToNode.o Extract.o x_pref01.o x_pref02.o x_pref03.o x_pref04.o
x_pref05.o x_pref06.o x_view.o xscan.o xscanw.o x_TextBox.o
-L/home/pchapman/Genesis-4.0/lib -L/usr/local/LessTif/Motif1.2/lib
-L/usr/X11/lib -lxkernel -lkernel -lXrot -lpixB -llinpack -lfftpack -llinpack
-ltiff -lXm -lXt -lX11 -lm -lots -lFutil -lUfor -lfor -lc -o

/home/pchapman/Genesis-4.0/xscan/exe/xscan.exe: Not enough room
   for program headers (allocated 6, need 7)

/home/pchapman/newbinutils/bin/ld: final link failed: Bad value
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status


Is this a bug in the linker? Smaller programs link without problems.
Again, I'm using RH 6.1, with the released versions of ccc and fort. I
have also tried gcc for the C parts, with the same results. The
Fortran parts require Fortran 90, so I can't test with g77.

Thanks in Advance,
-Paul Chapman

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