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Re: [OT] SCSI drive question

Subject: Re: [OT] SCSI drive question
From: Malcolm Caldwell (
Date: Sun Mar 5 21:14:28 2000

This is off-topic too but...

Does anyone know of a really good site that has "all your SCSI questions

Something like a SCSI HOWTO. With explanations of 50 pin 68 pine LVD Ultra
Wide Ultra2 etc

On Fri, Mar 03, 2000 at 11:15:31AM -0500, Michael A. Smith wrote:
> [pardon the off-topic post, but you guys know it all!]
> I've got a DEC PW433 with a Adaptec 2940UW SCSI card running SuSE-AXP 6.3.
> I've currently got an old 2Gb SCSI drive hooked up to it and I want to buy a
> new one. My question is about the multitide of SCSI types out there (Ultra
> Wide, Ultra2, Ultra2 Wide, etc...).
> I know any drive that could possibly work must have a 68-pin connector (like
> my current drive). If I see two similar drives: one Ultra Wide and one
> Ultra2 Wide (both have 68-pin connectors) can I use either one? I may see no
> performace boost if I get the Ultra2 Wide (since my card is only Ultra
> Wide), but will I see *lower* performance?
> In other words, should I try to match my UW SCSI card with an UW SCSI drive?
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