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ALO Wiki
2008-07-22 14:57:28
  Thanks to the volunteer efforts of Matt Turner, ALO now has a wiki to update and expand it's content. Please visit to create an account and get started.

AC2 is out
2006-03-09 14:33:24

CentOS 4.2 Released for Alpha
2005-10-27 16:41:56
  From the CentOS website,

"The CentOS team is pleased to announce availability of CentOS 4.2. Major new features include the Linux 2.6 Kernel, SELinux, udev replacing the /dev system, Xorg, MySQL4, CyrusIMAPD, Gnome 2.8 and KDE 3.3.These improvements along with many more are detailed in the release notes available online (

These 6 architectures are complete and released as final:

CentOS 4.2 x86_64.
CentOS 4.2 i386.
CentOS 4.2 IA64.
CentOS 4.2 s390
CentOS 4.2 s390x
CentOS 4.2 for Alpha

CentOS-4.1 (Beta) for the Alpha processor
2005-06-28 14:04:13
  From the website.

"CentOS 2 and 3 are a 100% compatible rebuild of the RHEL 2 and 3 versions, in full compliance with RedHat's redistribution requirements. CentOS is for people who need an enterprise class OS stability without the cost of certification and support."

Press release:

Debian 3.1 (sarge) has been released: alpha version available
2005-06-08 20:48:48
  I have just upgraded my two alpha machines from Woody (3.0) to Sarge (3.1) and all is well. The upgrade was very smooth and essentially effortless. Debian is such a great distribution !

Alpha CPU's history
2005-05-19 13:07:45
  Paul V. Bolotoff recently posted a comprehensive history of the Alpha CPU to a mailing list, and I thought the AlphaLinux people might be interested in it:

AlphaCore 1.0 (FC3) torrent, mirror available
2005-05-10 08:38:19
  The just-released AlphaCore 1.0 (a.k.a. Fedora Core 3 for alpha) is now available via BitTorrent and FTP mirror.

Torrent (preferred):

FTP mirror:

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